Latest SEO Trends and Update

SEO is being the part of developing and designing and also playing most important role in digital marketing. Since it provide organic search which is unpaid so most of the companies, organizations, institutions etc. are applying it to enhance their business. As we are being digital and computer is taking the part of our daily life, business etc. so website development and design are demanded day by day but the problem is, we may not visible on search engine without PPC or SEO. Everyone make the website to make the business or service online and more and more people can know that what service or product is providing but only website development and design is not the solution to diplay the business i search engine.

To display the website, product or service on search engine we need to go through PPC or SEO (Search Engine Optimization). PPC is paid and not for long term so we prefer SEO services.  SEO expert make our site search engine friendly and work for the ranking of the keywords.

Now a days there are some lates SEO trends and updates which is compulsory for experts and beginner of SEO or web developer and designer.

i) Original and unique content: It is must to use original and unique content in your website because content is the king and it attract the user and search engine to get more and more traffic.

ii) Keyword must be in first paragraph: Since every web page has a unique focus keyword on which the whole content or information is provided so it is must to apply that keyword in the first paragraph of the content. It helps the crawler to crawl and rank the website.

iii) Keyword Density: According to latest SEO trends and update it is must to maintain the keyword density.Keyword density means that number of keywords appears in the article.  If you maintain it then the site will rank very fast.


How to Write SEO Friendly Content

Content is the king in SEO so if you are a content writer or thinking to make the carrier in Content writing then you must read this article because here you will get the complete guideline to write SEO friendly content. The strategy of a good content which can get the audience and traffic. If your content is user friendly and informative as per user demand then it is called quality content. Now days content play key role in SEO because the website needs content with the keyword density. Google track the quality of the content and give the rank of the website. Most of the content writer doesn’t know how to write SEO friendly content.

Follow the given steps to write the quality and SEO friendly content. It will help for the beginner and experts also.

i)                    Before writing the content on any topic or keyword, research the topic. You can use the Google Adwords or object search to know the popularity and traffic of the keyword.
ii)                   Apply the keyword in the First paragraph of the content
iii)                 Apply the keyword in the Heading and subheading. It will help to get the traffic to your website or blog.
iv)                 Maintain the keyword density (percentage of keyword). It should be 2-3%.
v)                  Don’t do grammatical mistake
vi)                 Maintain the readability of the content

These are the latest guidelines for quality and SEO friendly content. Since content writing is becoming the craze and grooming carrier so you must follow it and try to write the original content which should not match to others. If the content to matched or duplicate then it will be penalized by Google bot and site having such content will be blacklisted. There are so many tools in the market which can help to know the quality of the content. Yoast SEO is one of them which help to write the quality and SEO friendly content. As you install this tool it will guide that what mistake you have done and how to fix it. It will focus on the above listed topics. This tool is specially used with the Word press CMS.  

Importance of Competitor Analysis in SEO

Competitor analysis is one of the main part of analysis for SEO or any service because if you analysis the competition then you can make the criteria to beat them. Since SEO is an organic search  and it helps to rank the website without any cost so most of the company or individual are using this technique to rank their website of search engine result page of top 10 because if the website appear on the first page of the search engine then it will get hits and impression.

What We Do in Competitor Analysis?
Competitor analysis depends on the product or service. In SEO we analysis the competitor site that what is their ranking, domain age, Domain rating, inbound link, referring domain, targeting area etc. If we analysis correctly the competitor site then it became helpful to rank.

Why it is must to do competitor analysis?
As we know that before doing any work or job, it is compulsory to analysis it pros and cons, cost, time etc. to give the better result so before doing SEO it is also compulsory to analysis the competitor sites to analysis that what they are doing? What is their targeting area, keywords, from where they are getting backlink etc.

What Activities done in Competitor Analysis?
There are some activities which need to done in Competitor Analysis:-
i)                    Competitor Site URL
ii)                   Domain Age
iii)                 Target Area
iv)                 Targeting keywords
v)                  Domain Authority
vi)                 Referring Domain
vii)               Number of Backlinks
viii)              Website loading time
ix)                 Look and feel of the site

There may some other activities also which depend or the service or product. Apart from the point of knowledge Competitor Analysis is a good team for those who prepare for the interview. In most of the interview of SEO or digital marketing it is a common question that “what is competitor analysis”. So if you are doing SEO or going for the interview of SEO then please complete it and remember its concepts. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the key entry point for SEO (search engine optimization) and also for paid search. As we know that every web page or content is based on a particular keyword or key phrase which gather or helps to get the traffic to the website or web page so it is must to decide or select the best targeted keywords for your product or service. Keyword research helps to get the information about the keywords that what is its searching volume in a month, which is the most searching place, time etc.

In SEO or Paid search keyword research play most important role and the keyword is used in Title, description, URL, Content, Image alt tag etc. of the website or web page so it is must to select a keyword which has more searching and traffic. Here you will get the option which helps to research the keyword without paying any cost.

Steps of Keyword Research

i)                    Go to
ii)                   It will ask for login  so give the email id and password of Google or Gmail
iii)                 You will go to the interface of Adword (Free SEO Tool)
iv)                 Go to the menu option named Tools, click on it and select keyword planner

Note: You can also do that search in Google as “keyword planner” and click on the opened link of keyword planner.

v)                  Type the keyword in the search box, select the location or area from where you want to get traffic.
vi)                 Finally click on “get Idea” option

You will get the result of that keyword having the search volume, bid rate etc.

Keyword research is the main part of analysis which helps to select the popular and traffic based keywords and also helps to target the specific audience.  

What is SEO

If you want to know that what is SEO then you are not a single one who is searching for this topic. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the part of Digital Marketing and helps the websites to get high rank on SERP(Search Engine Result Page).

Some Important Questions Asked By Interviewer

What is SEO?

SEO is a technique to optimize a website or its web pages to give a rank on search engine. if your website is optimized then it will appear in search of top 10 and helps to get more traffic to your site. Users only select or click on the site which appears in first search page so SEO is becoming the heart of websites in the sense of ranking.

Types of SEO?
There are two types of SEO:

On page SEO?
SEO ON PAGE is the technique to optimize the website through on site means through working on the site like making its keyword, title, description, image alt tag, original content, 404 page, google webmaster, google analytics, sitemap, robot.txt etc.

Off Page SEO?
SEO OFF PAGE is the technique to optimize the website through inbound links or backings from other sites having good ranking, UR, DR etc. Blogging, classified, social bookmarking, directory posting, business listing, profile creation, YouTube video sharing, slides sharing, image sharing etc.

Which is more important, on page seo or off page seo?
For the point of ranking of a website both SEO technique (On page and Off page) are important. SEO on page performed on the website and off page helps to get inbound links. So both are compulsory for the SEO point of view.

What is Keyword?
Keyword is the word or test search by the users in search box of search engine. In the sense of SEO keyword is a word or phrase which helps to describe the content of the web page.

What is Meta Tag?
Meta tag is the html tag used in web page of website to give some extra information. Meta tags don't appear on the design section but appear in the coding section. It helps to SEO On page and makes the keyword, title, description to tell about the web page to search engine.

What is the Importance of Title and Description?
Title and Description are most important part of the website and also in the sense of SEO because it attract the user or traffic and describe the webpage or website that what about it is.

What is the limitation of title and description?
This is very important question asked in most of the interviews.
The limitation of title and description is 65 and 150. mostly title is written in 55 to 60 characters.

What is Backlink?
Backlink is the incoming hyperlink which comes from one site to other site. It is also known as inbound link and helps to improve the ranking of the website. The whole purpose of the OFF page SEO is to get backlink to the website. When getting backlink it is compulsory to check that the site is do follow or not and the da pa is high or not.

What is PR or Page Rank?
PR stands for Page Rank which is one of the algorithm of Google which is used to rank a website on the search engine result page.It helps to measure the importance of the website or web page. SEO is specially working for the PR of the site because the more PR more traffic to the website or webpage.

What do you know about SERP?
SERP is the result page of the search engine which appears when user search on search engine. For example if you search with a keyword SEO in the Google then it display 10 sites in a page, the page having 10 listing of the sites is called SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

What is Anchor Text?
Any text having hyperlink is called anchor text. Such type of text are clickable text and redirect to the destination.

What is Organic Result?
Organic search is the search by keyword without paying a single to search engine. It is also called natural search which is possible by SEO.

What is different between white hat and black hat seo?
White hat seo is the seo technique which follow the guidelines of search engine but in the other hand black hat seo is the technique which don't follow the guidelines. Clicking, link farming, doorway pages, hidden text etc are the example of black hat seo.

Some techniques of black hat SEO.
Doorway pages
link farming
hidden text
keyword stuffing

Do you know keyword density, what is its limitation?
Keyword density is measured in the basic of the content counting. The average percent of keyword density is 0.5%.  To measure the density of keyword divide the number of keyword by total numbers of word of content then multiply 100. You will get the adject percentage.

What is outbound link?
Outbound link is the outgoing link from our site to other site.

Define inbound link?
Inbound link is the upcoming link from other site to our site. It is the part of Off Page SEO which helps to rank a website and boost it.

Tell me something about Googlebot, spider, robot.txt?
Googlebot, spider, robot.txt is the crawler of google which helps to index the website to search engine. If it is enabled to the site then it comes to the site day by day and index to the google database.

What is meant by Crawling?
Crawling is the technique of indexing the website to the google database. It performed by Googlebot or spider or robot.txt.

What is the name of Google Crawler?

What is Google Sandbox?
Google Sanbox is a filter applied for new sites before giving a rank on SERP. It helps to being placed in probation of site.

Why keyword is important in SEO?
keyword is most important for SEO because it is searched by users and the main connector of search engine and websites. Search Engine index the keyword in its database and when user searched with same keyword it fetched the site from indexed similar sites having good rank.

Why content is the king in Seo?
Content is the king because the whole site depend on the quality of the content. We use keyword in content and it attract the user, decrease the bounce rate. Content helps in internal linking and also to get backlink from other sites or blogs also.

What is Keyword Stuffing and Keyword Stemming?
Keyword stuffing is the black hat seo technique which refers to using a large number of keywords rather than the guidelines of SEO. It is also considered as webspam or spamindexing. Keyword stemming is the process of adding prefix or suffix to the keyword of the content and making its original. It helps to getting traffics for the sites.

What is Google Adwords and how it helps?
Google Adwords is the campaign network  which used for PPC, getting ads for promotion. It also helps to keyword planning and getting traffic to the sites by paid.

What is cloaking?
Clocking is the black hat SEO technique which is used to misguide the search engine. The presented content to the user is different from the search engine spider.

What is a Doorway page?
Doorway pages are black hat seo which are created for spamming the index of search engine. It is also known as jump pages, gateway pages, entry pages,bridge pages, portal pages etc.

Difference between nofollow and dofollow?
The term nofollow means the site or webpages is not indexed by the search engine where as dofollow means the site or web page is indexed.

What is Google Update?
Google update is the updated of its algorithms and rules followed by the websites. Such as panda and penguin update.

What is panda and Penguins update?
Panda update is launched in February 2011 as a search filter which focus on the quality of content, image, backlink etc and rank the website where as penguin update filter the site on the basis of black hat techniques. 

Difference between SEO and SEM?
SEO is the technique to optimize a website where as SEM is the technique to promote the website to get more traffic.

What is SMO and why it is important in SEO?
SMO stands for Social Media optimization which helps to get traffic to the site to boost its ranking to the search engine result page.

What is meant by competitive analysis? Why it is important?
Competitive analysis means analysis the site which is our competitor having good rank on SERP. In this technique we should check the backlink, referring domains, design, loading pages, etc. of the competitor sites and compare with our site. 

Suppose you are a Seo having a new site to rank then what will your strategy?
First I will check the site's content, image, its loading time etc.
Then check that, is seo tools google analytics, webmaster tool, sitemap, robot.txt etc are applied or not.
Then Analysis the competitor's sites
After that I will work for the backlink of the sites

What is SEO Tools like Google Webmaster, Google Analytics and Adwords, Alexa etc?
These are the SEO tools used with the site to get the details like targeting users, crawl error, sitemap, robot.txt 

What is CMS? Have you knowledge of Wordpress?
CMS is a content management system specially used for content posting or blogging. Yes I have knowledge of Wordpress.

What is canonical error?
canonical error is the error occurs if there is a page having two different urls. If the page index.php occurs with http:// and also without http://  then it is noted as canonical error.

What is 404 and 301 pages?
404 is the page occurs when page not found or broken link in the site. 301 page is the redirect pages from new url to old url by .htaccess redirection or through other tool.

How to increase page rank?
By getting more backlink from different domains.

Can you post same article on two different sites?
No and never because it will be duplicate for second time posting or for second site and according to google updated you can't post duplicate content.

What is internal linking?
Internal linking is the term of linking from one page of the site to another page withing the same site.
it is considered under on page SEO.

What is PPC?
PPC is a campaign which refers as pay per click. If user click on the ads then the publisher pay for this to advertiser.

What should be the loading time of a website?
3 to 5 seconds

How to decrease the loading time of a website?
By optimizing the image, setting .htaccess file, optimizing the code of site etc. 

What is guest posting and how its helps?
Guest posting is the technique by which content is posted on the guest blog or website by the owner of the site or blog. For guest posting one request to the owner and pay for this.Then owner send the link. to the requesting person. It helps to get backlink from high pr and dr sites or blog to improve the ranking of the site.

What is Social Bookmarking, directory posting, blogging etc. and why it required?
All are the part of OFF PAGE SEO which are required for getting backing. 

What is yoast SEO?
Yoast SEO is the plugin specially for wordpress. It is also called as wordpress SEO by yoast which helps to optimize website.

What will be your next steps if your SEO methods or technique does not work?
If SEO methods or technique does not work then I will check the site that what is missing like its content, image, 404 pages etc. We should solve the issues if occurs then do PPC.

What is keyword density and what is the formula for knowing keyword density?
Keyword density is the percentage of keyword appears in the content. In the sense of SEO it is the term to determine that the web page is relevant or not to a specified keyword.
it is calculated by total number of keyword  divided by total words of content then multiply with 100.

What will you do, for the company website you are working for, decides to move all the contents to new domain?

How will you neutralize a toxic link to your site?
To neutralize a toxic link to my site I will use webmaster tool.

What is more important-building great content or building backlink.

What is meant by saturation of website?

What is XML sitemap?

What is different between xml sitemap and html sitemap?

How to Check the duplicate's contents?