Why Complete SEO Tutorial?

Complete SEO tutorial focus on each and every topic of SEO and well written by an expert. This is the result of personal experience where anyone can learn search engine optimization without paying any cost. Here you will learn the project based experience which is done in companies.

SEO is a good choice for your carrier in Digital marketing because it is the demand of organization, companies, individual. Everyone want to visible on search engine to sell their product or services and it can be done with the help of search engine optimization. if you are looking for complete SEO tutorial then you are on right website because here you will get complete knowledge of SEO like, what is SEO, Career in SEO, Why I learn SEO, Scope and future demand of SEO, Who can learn SEO, Qualification required for SEO etc.

What is SEO:

SEO is a new term or topic for most of the peoples or technical experts because it is upcoming field of digital marketing but play most important role to optimize the website or web page of search engine result page. You can define as:

“SEO or search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visibility of the website or web page. In simple words we can say that SEO helps to rank a website or web page of prominent pages of Google, Yahoo, Yandex and other search engine”

The main advantage of this term is that, it is organic search (free), means you have not to pay for the search result and traffic of your website like PPC. We will also discuss about PPC but after getting complete SEO tutorial.

Computer and internet has changed our life and made it easy. Now a day we get help from internet to go to visit historical place, find best restaurant, education center, colleges etc. We go online and search our need to get more knowledge.  People who want to make carrier in SEO, also search tutorial of SEO with the keyword “Best SEO tutorial”, “complete SEO tutorial”, “SEO tutorial for beginner”, “SEO tutorial for experts” etc.

Career in SEO:

There are more scope in SEO, it has a bright carrier because we are being digital day by day and most of the work done online. Companies, organization, schools, colleges, shops etc. develop website to go online and want to appear on the first search result so that more and more traffic comes to their service or product. Due to such demand SEO is being the favorite of everyone. It is pre-professional development program which is tought in most of the educational centers.

SEO Career Path

Advantages of SEO(Search Engine Optimization):

Search engine optimization is full of advantages and becoming the carrier oriented course. It helps to optimize the website or web page to rank on search engine (like Google, Yahoo). You need not to pay for the ranking because it is free. If traffic comes to your site and click, visit the site then you need not to pay for that.

Qualification Required for SEO:

10+2 or higher education (no limit)

Salary After this course:

Salary depend on your knowledge, communication skill, experience but it is sure that if you have good knowledge then you can get industry best salary with a bright future.

SEO Salary

What is Search Engine?

Search engine is a software program that is helpful to search information on WWW (World Wide Web). There are so many search engine available on the internet but Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, AOL, Ask.com are more popular. When you search with the topic or voice, search engine collect the data matched with your criteria or requirement then display on result page. The most relevant and optimized website display on good rank like (rank 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 …..).

Note: SEO help to display your website on high rank. If you have developed and designed a website but it is not optimized then it is like a show piece.

How Search Engine Works?

Search engine works on basis of index, there is a crawler of search engine which visit the web pages and make a copy of it and add the URL to index (store in database). As user search for any product or services, it display the indexed web pages which are optimized. Websites display with a rank which depend on the website speed, like, bounce rate, DA, PA, Content, Title, Description, loading time etc. As for example:

Google, yahoo, Bing etc. are search engine, so as you open the browser and type the search engine URL or address in the URL box then it display with a search box where you type keyword. After that you click on search button and wait for its result. You see that so many results appear on result page and there are others also which display in different pages (2,3,4…….).

Google Search Engine

Google Image

Bing Search Engine

Bing Image

What is website and why we need to optimize it?

Website is a collection of web pages which contain article/content, images, videos, animation etc. You need to optimize the website because without optimization your website will not get a high rank and also not display on the first page of search result.  As we know that most website having top 5 rank get 60% click or visit so non-optimized website will not profitable and act as a show piece or dummy.

Support you are searching for a product or study related information then generally what you do?

You search with the keyword and go to the relevant web page or website which are on first page and specially on top 5 rank. Like you, others also do the same so go through SEO to achieve  organic search result.

Technique of Search Engine Optimization

Complete SEO tutorial focus on technique of search engine optimization. There are two technique of search engine optimization which are given as:

i) ON Page Optimization

ii) OFF Page optimization

Before applying the technique there are some other tips which are more important. It is, competitor analytics, market research, target location etc.

ON Page Optimization:

If you focus on the name of the technique, it is very clear that the technique apply on the own website which need to optimize.  Since website or web page contain content/article,Title, description,URL, images, videos etc. so you need to optimize them first.

  • Always use fresh and informative content which should not copy
  • Apply a focus keyword for every web page and it should not match with the other focus keyword of the same website
  • Write the informative Title, description and content
  • Use ALT tag with image and also optimize it
  • Use keyword in Title, description, content and also maintain the density of the keyword.
  • Maintain Keyword proximity
  • Interlink web pages
  • Apply sitemap.xml file
  • Apply robotics file
  • Use Google webmaster

OFF Page Optimization:

OFF Page optimization is another technique of SEO which play most important role. The main purpose of the optimization is to get backlink or outbound link from other sites like bookmarking, directories, article sites, classifieds, forum, FAQ etc.

OFF Page Technique Terms:

Complete SEO tutorial focus on each and every term of OFF page optimization which are listed below:

  • Article Posting/Blog Submission
  • Bookmarking
  • Directory Posting
  • Classified or Ads posting
  • Slides Posting
  • Video Posting
  • Link Exchange
  • Forum Posting
  • FAQ Posting
  • Guest Posting

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