Importance of Keyword in Website

If you are trying to optimize the website or web page or looking for pay per click then you can’t ignore the importance of keyword.  Keyword is the word or group of words which are used by the user to search for the query. Some user type short keyword, some long so its matter while selecting the keyword for the website.  The main focus of the web page or website is depending on keyword and every page has a main keyword which is called focus keyword or targeted keyword of the web page. Keywords help to target traffic to your business, services or products.

Importance of Keyword

User search through keyword so it is mandatory understand the importance of keyword. When user search with the keyword Google or any search engine crawler go to the relevant website cased data and display on the search engine result page.

While writing the Title, description, image ALT tag and content, it is compulsory to include the keyword. Google follow the importance of keyword and give a high rank for that website having proper use of keywords in their Meta tag, content etc. On the basis of keyword there are some rules that how should you maintaining the density of keyword, keyword proximity, keyword efficiency etc.

If you are thinking that only keyword matter in ranking then you are also wrong because the content should informative and user friendly so that user can stay and bounce rate reduce. It is no doubt that keyword matter and helps in ranking but you need to apply properly according to Google guidelines.

Some of the keywords are high traffic keyword and helps to generate more leads or business so it is required to keyword research in a proper way. If you select the proper keyword then you can target more traffic to your website.  Keyword targeting is also important so go to the keyword planner and select the proper keyword having high volume, low competition. It will help to rank fast with high traffic.

PPC expert or SEO expert both understand the importance of keyword so before starting the work they research keywords and select the best of them which can be used to drive more traffic to the website or business.

Hope this article will helpful to understand the importance of keyword. Always come to my blog to know the latest updates and helpful tips of SEO, PPC, SMO. SEM. I have written this blog to share my experience. It is totally free so go through it and enhance your knowledge.

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