Keyword Research is the first strategy of digital marketing which helps to target the traffic and goal. Keyword is the word or term used by user to search their query
in search engine. Keyword may be short tail or long tail but it is compulsory to select best keyword for your business or service. Complete SEO tutorial will help to know the steps of keyword research easily.

keyword research

Why Keyword Research:

Keyword research help to take more traffic keyword and also help to compare the competition, bid rate etc. According to our service or product we need to target the
keyword so keyword research help to xelect high traffic keyword which can generate more reveniew for our business. Website are based on keyword and keyword used in
Title. description, content, image alt tag etc.

How to do Keyword Research:

Keyword research done by three ways, one is google suggestion, LSI and Google keyword planner. First we focus on Google keyword planner tool because it is a free tool
of Google and mostly used by digital marketerers, SEO experts, Analysts etc.

i) Click on the link
ii) Click on Sign In option
iii) Login with Gmail or google account
iv) Click on Tools Menu then select Keyword Planner

keyword planner
v) You will get the option “Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”
vi) Click on this option and type your search term or keyword, select target country
vii)Finally click on Get Ideas
viii) You will see the result as “Avg. monthly searches”, “Competition”, “Suggested bid” “Ad impr. share”, “Add to plan”

ix) Select the keyword having more traffic but low competition

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