Websites helps to be online and display our business, services, products on worldwide. SEO helps to rank or visualize the website on search engine so it is must to develop SEO friendly website. SEO on page factor play important role to make the website Google and user friendly. SEO follow the guidelines of Google so if you follow the SEO steps then you are following Google guidelines indirectly.

SEO friendly website

Steps to develop SEO friendly website:

  • Develop the website with attractive and responsive theme which must open within 5 seconds. It is known as loading time of the website.
  • Use banner and images related to your service or product
  • Use a brand logo
  • Always use fresh and informative content and images must not duplicate.
  • Insert keyword in Meta title, description and content
  • Maintain keyword density which is calculated on the basis of the number of words of the content.
  • Insert at least one image on every web page with ALT tag
  • Give an external link from your website or web page
  • Interlink your Webpages with home page and other pages because it will help in crawling
  • Add robots.txt file in the root directory or if you are using CMS (WordPress/Joomla/Drupal etc.)
  • Add sitemap.xml because it will collect the data of all running web pages and help to crawl your pages.
  • Link your website with Google webmaster. Google webmaster helps to submit sitemap, robots.txt, website URL, display error list, crawl state, duplicate title and description, analytics report of view, click, impression etc.
  • Link Google analytics because it helps to analysis the audience, bounce rate, new user details, returning user, organic keyword, web pages report, target location, traffic location etc.
  • Do the AMP of your website because it help to open the site very fast in mobile and now a day most of the users search via Smartphone or mobile rather than desktop or laptop.

Apart from the given successful steps to develop SEO friendly website, you should also try to buy or purchase the domain which is based on your brand or product or service because it is also a good practice to optimize or rank your website very fast. As you purchase the domain, matched to your service then it became easy to rank. Google crawler fetch data as snapshot and only store Meta title, description and URL from website and store in database. As user search for a particular service or product then relevant websites displayed on first page. Complete SEO Tutorial is specially developed and designed by Imran ALI, SEO expert to help those who are interested in SEO.

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